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Lovie Dovey
August 3rd 05, 02:19 AM

I hope this isn't considered spam or illegal. I was unable to find the
rules for discuss.

I've taken in a lot of strays in my neighborhood that have wandered into
my kitchen through a propped open pet door. I've been able to get many
adopted out but I was up to 18 cats in my small house this winter when I
came too close to not being able to pay my bills. I maxed out 2 credit
cards and can not fall back on them any more and have been at the brink
of bankruptcy since. I'm trying very hard not to go there because my
credit is still good and I wish to keep it that way.

I'm caring for 14 cats right now and eight of them are adoptable. 5 are
young but need to be fixed before they start making more cats. I'm so
broke I can't afford to fix them and one was injured and I can't afford
to get her checked out though she seems to be recovering from a wound on
her face that caused it to swell. I'm thinking she got shot with a b.b.
gun. I don't think it is in her but I'm not sure either.

Anyhow, I guess I'm asking for help here. All of the shelters and
rescues were overwhelmed this spring and still are. It's really bad
right now for everyone. One group was helping me but had to leave me
hanging with the last litter and then the neighbors dumped an infant on
me and one came back that I had adopted out and I'm back to being over
my head.

If you would like to adopt one or donate to help care for these cats you
can contact me. I am registered at Paypal and I set it up so I can also
receive credit card payments through them at .

Or you can mail to:
Scott Eversole
2612 West 28th Place
Cleveland OH 44113-4716

At some point, God forbid, I may have to surrender cats to the shelter
to save myself and if they don't get adopted they will be killed. I
really don't want to see that happen.

Donations are not tax deductible yet but if I get enough I may register
as a charity through legal zoom.



Remember Tribble Trouble?:^)