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Stan Gilbert
August 5th 05, 10:27 AM
This is NOT intended as spam and I am truly looking for suggestions.

Kiki, my cat of 19 years died some time ago and I swore I wouldn't get
another... just too painful to lose them. That lasted two weeks and I got
Scooter and then a companion for her... Bandit.

I'm in my late 50's and retired. I worried something could happen to me
where I would be incapacitated and unable to communicate with someone (I'm at
an age people have strokes) and my cats would die from lack of food or water.
I went onto the net to try and find a service that would help but there
wasn't any... so, I created one.

Caroline and I got very involved with this project and we decided to put all
the profit into animal welfare. Our site just went online (finally) this
last week... so, naturally I am trying to draw traffic to the site. We have
applied for 201(3)c (non profit) status.

It's taken a lot of hard work to put this together and what I need from pet
owners is feedback on the idea. We also had the idea of a service where
people would check in every few days and if they failed to check in we'd
initiate a rescue (see the site to understand this). This is the service I
originally went looking for but couldn't find.

We started out with this idea but withdrew it because my thoughts are that
people would not take the time to check in regularly... it would sound good
to them, they'd sign up... and then not use the service and my attitude is I
don't want anyone paying for something they don't use.

Some people thought it was a great idea for folks over 60 but I'm thinking
most folks over 60 don't have access to a computer... I'm mostly talking
about people who live alone and don't have much contact... or even older

Actually, anyone could get in an accident and leave pets unattended. I
seriously worried about my cats because, quite frankly, if something happened
to me and Caroline I'm not sure anyone would know it for a week or two and
that could be too late for Scooter and Bandit.

We came up with an idea we think is affordable and useful and can contribute
to funding the front line workers who try to save animals.

Caroline and I would deeply appreciate any constructive ideas or comments you
might have about the service. Please visit us and take a look...


.... and to visit the website (entirely non commercial) I created in memory of
Kiki the cat, for whom I have really dedicated this service... visit...


Thanks from both of us...
Caroline and Stan

Please feel free to drop us a line or post here...