View Full Version : I miss Kiki

Stan Gilbert
August 5th 05, 10:28 AM

I remember that day almost two decades ago
when I came searching to fill a place in my soul
Your little arm reached out as far as it could
and you just stopped me where I stood
Then you looked into my eyes and did your part
For it was then I knew
someday you would break my heart

I remember you young so full of life and delight
a world to explore well into the night
where anything that moved, be it shadow or light
you were ready to pounce and give it a fight
And I watched you for hours in those days of your life
where you made me smile and feel all was just right

I remember too, not so long ago
with cat dreams of flutters in a springtime glow
Your tail would twitch as you slept on your back
in a windowpane of sunlight
and planned your attack
And when you awoke you would sniff at the air
the chase was won so you'd groom your hair

I remember the years and each passing day
as growing up and long naps replaced your play
We were the best of friends, you and I
we even talked about the stars in the sky
And your favorite time was at night in bed
where you would lay by my shoulder and rest your head

I remember the times both bad and the good
we adventured them together everything withstood
Across the country travelling in a blizzard of snow
or sitting at home near a cozy fire aglow
No matter what came or passed us by
you always had a cat smile and a twinkle in your eye

I remember too, with each passing year
I felt you would forever and always be here
And one day age just seemed to appear
You talked more at night
and no longer could hear
A small place inside of me was growing a fear

And I remember that night which had at last arrived
when you entered the room to let me know
That when morning came we would have to part
for the day you had promised a long time ago
had finally come to break my heart

And now sometimes when my days seem long
Though new friends are here to sing their songs
I remember your soft and sweet morning meows
and I wish you were here where you belong
to hold you in my arms and make everything right
to sleep on my shoulder for just one more night

How I miss her