View Full Version : Auto pet feeders

August 11th 05, 12:19 AM
Who makes the best auto pet feeder? I bought one about 2 years ago from
Fosters but it just dispenses food at a given time of day for a given
increment of time and I found this to put out irregular amounts especially
after the cat figured out how to reach behind the little flapper and make
more come out. Then when the next timer went off the little auger was
about empty from him picking at it and would only drop out about a dozen
morsels. I just bought an eight day feeder that has 8 separate containers
and you can put exact amounts in each, you can also record a message for
your cat to hear each feeding. The only problem with this unit is that
only 7 of the compartments are covered at a time so I guess it is really
only a 7 day feeder. Another wards if I have the thing set to feed at 5PM
and want to fill all the containers up at noon he will be able to eat one
container right away and then he will get another at 5PM when the timer goes
off. The other thing I do not like is that the top turns and so some of
the containers are towards the back if you have it against the wall it makes
it awkward for the pet to reach and eat out of.