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Jo Firey
August 12th 03, 06:47 AM
I give Jake a bath every once in a while. And he does act like he feels extra good
after. Plus the kneading is something he does when he is feeling really good. Just
not limited to after he had a bath. Sometimes it just after I've had a bath, and
sometimes I think its just because.
Jo Firey

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take
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"Allegra640" > wrote in message
> It's always been interesting to me how wonderful these girls act after baths
> ... so affectionate and so eager to sleep in the bed w/me (rarely do on any
> other night). But they do one other thing on their bath nights that they
> almost never do otherwise. They knead or "make biscuits" as we say down south.
> Lola, my tuxedo long-haired, curls up on my chest and works her little spats
> and Vera, my black & white cutie jumps up on the bed and kneads. Can't for the
> life of me figure out why bath night brings this behavior out, other than the
> fact that they feel great afterwards.
> Two questions: does anyone else here bathe their cats? If so, is the behavior
> similar?

Victor M. Martinez
August 12th 03, 12:57 PM
Allegra640 > wrote:
>Two questions: does anyone else here bathe their cats? If so, is the behavior

Sorry, bathing our cats is not something we'd do on purpose... :) All kittens
get a bath their first day here, just to be sure there are no fleas introduced
into the house. That, and sometimes when they get too dirty or they decided
to jump into the toilet bowl while it's being used... Adult cats clean
themselves quite nicely.

Victor M. Martinez


August 12th 03, 01:01 PM
On 12 Aug 2003 04:58:00 GMT, (Allegra640) wrote:

>does anyone else here bathe their cats?

I wish. I'd *love* to give ours a bath but Hobo would go into
tornado-mode and I'd lose an arm or two. Speckles is smaller and
easier to handle but not one to sit still for such indignities.