View Full Version : Re: Your friend Nomen Nescio outed itself as a troll!

September 13th 05, 08:04 PM
Nomen Nescio wrote:

> From: Fritz Wuehler >
> >Yes, it happened in rec.pets.cats.anecdotes. Catbert finally admitted he? she?
> >is the Nomen Nescio
> >who posts here with a PGP signature.
> YeeeeHaaaaaa!!!!!! I've finally been included in this
> little netkop game.
> Thank's. I've been feeling awfully left out.
> What gave it away? Was it the fact that my PGP signature
> was generated with the same private key that I always
> sign everything with, no matter what remailer or ID I use.
> Damn, I knew that identifying every post I make with a distinct
> signature that could only come from me was, sooner or later,
> going to make all my posts identified as coming from me.
> Now in regards to being called a "TROLL"...........**** YOU!!

Nomen. You ARE a troll when it is defined as "anyone
posting anything we do not like." Wear it as a badge
of honor. See it as a sign that your IQ, unlike those
of many here and in rec.pets.anecdolts, may just be
bigger than your shoe size. Context, man! 8*D