View Full Version : Re: Your friend Nomen Nescio outed itself as a troll!

J. Warrick
September 14th 05, 06:52 AM
Nomen Nescio wrote:

> From: Some asshole
> >No, that was not Fritz Wuehler, that was me. Don't give others credit for
> >my work.
> Then let me offer a hearty **** YOU to both of you.
> >Now go back to rpca and troll some more. You're finished here as a poster
> >whom anyone would respect or take seriously, and all because of your
> >whining and tantrums. Congratulations and well done, champ.
> Get back on you medication.
> As I said before....I don't play chess with a monkey.

How does that feel, "Nomen" my friend? Do you recall your response
to the Great Revelations posted about Mary?

You get it, and you don't. You see how these cowardly assholes
use the word "troll" and object to the term when it is applied
to you, yet you are willing to apply it to others who have done
nothing more than speak their minds, regardless of the "spin"
generated by the freaks who live their lives online. :)