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September 16th 05, 12:12 PM
I might be wrong (would appear to be over the last few days) but ain't
this group er um about cats? Take it where someone might actually give
a ****.

> HOWEDY David,
> David Heggie wrote:
> > Hi folks
> >
> > I posted to this newsgroup a few weeks back,
> I told you that you was askin liars dog abusers
> cowards and active acute chronic long term incurable
> MENTAL CASES for advice THEY AIN'T GOT, David.
> > as I was planning on taking a 4 month old lab / retreiver
> > cross puppy from my mother in law, and was looking for
> > some advice.
> Yeah. I told you your MIL could train her dog
> and FOR FREE, to boot, David.
> > Well, the dog is now living with us
> I told you dogs ain't a COMMODITY you swap around
> till you find a suitable place for them to live or
> murder them if you can't DEAL with their PROBLEMS
> that you caused by ABUSING them like your children..
> > and is fitting in slowly,
> Yeah, and you're writing today to tell us
> of your tremendous SUCCESS rehabilitating
> your MIL'S ABUSED DOG, eh David?
> > but I think reasonably well.
> So DO tell us all about your SUCCESS, eh David?
> > There are a few issues that I'm needing some help with though.
> You got the same problems your MIL had for the same
> reason, David, you're an abuser, like she is:
> "It is NO WONDER that the marked changes in
> deviant behavior of children can be achieved
> through brief, simple educative routines with
> their mothers which modify the mother's social
> behaviors shaping the child (Whaler, 1966). Some
> clinics have reported ELIMINATION ofthe need for
> child THERAPY through changing the clinical emphasis
> from clinical to parental HANDLING of the child
> (Szrynski 1965).
> A large number of cases improved sufficiently after
> preliminary contact with parents that NO treatment
> of children was required, and almost ALL cases
> SHOWE a remarkably shortened period for therapy.
> Quite severe cases of anorexia nervosa have been
> treated in own to five months by simply REPLACING
> the parents temporarily with EFFUSIVELY LOVING
> SUBSTITUTES (Groen, 1966)."
> > Firstly I should say that I live in a very remote
> > rural island location, and don't have access to
> > professional dog obedience classes.
> I told you "professinal dog obedience classes"
> CAUSE the temperament and behavior problems our
> MENTAL CASES got with their own fear aggressive
> hyperactive outta CON-TROLL deathly ill dogs, David.
> > I *do* have experience of training dogs,
> and that's why your MIL had to GET RID OF HER DOG, David.
> > having had three GSDs in the past.
> Yeah, GSD's are about the EZiest dog to train.
> > Firstly, the dog hasn't had *any* kind of training
> EXXXCEPT for a good dose of ABUSE.
> > at all up to the present -
> So you should be ALL SET, eh David?
> > he's very excitable,
> You mean he's hyperactive from you bribing
> and intimidating him, David.
> > isn't really sure of his name
> You can install the come command as a conditional
> reflex in as little as ten mintues, David, LIKE THIS:
> wrote:
> > Well I am happy to reply that so far after 10
> > minutes of work and the cans from mr Howes guide,
> You mean The Amazing Puppy Wizard's FREE WWW Wits'
> End Dog Training Method Manual <{); ~ ) >
> > I have instilled the "come" command to Riley.
> Good. You mean INSTALLED the come command as
> a conditional reflex. Be SHORE to perform the
> EXXXORCISES four times in each of four locations.
> > He is an extremley smart dog, I have never had
> > to go to the third or fourth try.
> From: "BarbnBeau" >
> Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 01:52:30 -0500
> Re: Puppy Wizard's Website
> Hi Buzzsaw
> Not a Thing to lose ...But a Lot To Gain!!
> I can only speak from my experience.. I have a 8 month
> old miniature poodle, and although I had done some basic
> training with him we had a few barking issues ..ugh
> I am happy to tell you, I contacted Jerry at the email
> addy I posted and he was so great! I wasn't following
> the technique precisely but he helped me get back on track.
> Beau is doing sooooo well it is really a thrill working
> with him, and seeing the remarkable changes.
> Now I can ask for "recall" (come) both on and off lead
> and it is immediate!
> the first time I ask.
> Best of Luck to you,
> Remember if you need help or explanation contact Jerry ..
> he will be more than happy to help anyway he can.
> Cheers
> Barb
> To: Jerry Howe
> Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 2:37 PM
> Subject: Re: dog aggression - Today Seemed Like A Miracle -
> Sunshine is still acting like a new dog! Saw a dog
> today and "good boy-" worked along with calling him-
> came the first time every time. Not even a sound out
> of him. Think it is hard for him but he never even
> seemed to think about going off-reacting. I would
> love to write a testimonial but can not seem to find
> the site--please send the address--
> The word come has no affect on him just the phrase-
> -Sunshine come goodboy.
> Hi, Jerry.
> I'm not sure that I'm a 100% convert, or that I agree
> with (or even understand) 100% of what you say in this
> manual ... BUT ... we had "come" down pat in a few
> reps and you could have knocked me down when I tried
> the exercise with "drop" and, after a few reps in
> different spots Darwin practically *threw* the rubber
> ball at my feet on command. He's still not perfect
> (just a pup, after all, and he's stubborn enough to
> want to push and test me a little bit more).
> For what it's worth, I can see (as no doubt you have)
> how your usenet manner is likely to rankle a few
> folks, but that woman who advocates ear pulling and
> beating with sticks deserves everything she gets. Even
> if that was the only method that would work, I'd live
> with my dog not fetching rather than do any of that.
> (Darwin fetches enthusiastically and instinctively,
> tho').
> Best, ben
> ===================
> From: <>
> To: "Jerry Howe" >
> Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 5:21 PM
> Subject: Re: Damned Family Leadership Exercise -
> Re: Am I expecting to much
> Hi Jerry,
> When I talked to you on the phone to order to machine
> for daughter's new pup, I told you that I had an older
> Chessie. I rescued him at 9 years old and have had
> him for 3 years.
> It's funny, but I thought I'd try some of your book
> training with him. Where I used to say "come" and
> then say "good boy" when he obeyed, I have reversed
> it with a "good boy" first.
> It really does work.
> He was very confused at first, wondering what he
> had done to get the praise.
> But it really gets the attention and distracts him from
> whatever he may have going through his brain when
> he hears it.
> Dogs are funny, but people are too. Can't wait to get
> the Doggy do Right, etc.
> Thanks,
> N
> Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 9:06 AM
> Hello.
> I never posted here (or anywhere) before.
> I never trained or owned a dog before this
> year.
> I downloaded the Wit's End, read it, corresponded
> with Mr. Howe and trained my dog to come and to
> stop barking in a weekend.
> Our dog, Jake, had been treated with kindness the
> whole time we had him, about 10 months, but his
> earlier life is unknown.
> I worked on the hot-cold exercise for about 30
> minutes when he suddenly "got it". After that
> he came to me every time with no hesitation.
> I used the cans filled with pennies to teach him
> not to bark. If he now starts to bark, I go to the
> door or window, say "Good Boy, its' alright" and
> he usually calms down right away.
> A couple of times I had to get the cans
> out again to reinforce the behavior.
> We feel a strong bond with this animal
> and he is very eager to accept our love.
> So with all the vitriolic spewing going on,
> I have to believe Mr. Howe is right.
> His method worked for us.
> I don't know if it would have been quite
> as effective if we had tried another method first.
> Florence
> ------------------------------------
> > and doesn't seem to know the meaning of NO.
> That's why he's EXCITABLE, David. You're trying
> to PUNISH a dog for his normal natural innate
> instinctive reflexive responses to circumstances
> and situations of his environment which you create
> for him, David:
> "...all the highest nervous activity, as it manifests
> itself in the conditional reflex, consists of a continual
> change of these three fundamental processes -- excitation,
> inhibition and disinhibition." Ivan P. Pavlov
> LeeCharlesKelley Wrote:
> >From what I've read of Jerry's method it incorporates
> a completely new model of learning, which is based (in
> simplest terms) on the idea that all behavior is the
> result of finding a way to relieve emotional tension.
> This is true not just for dogs but all animals.
> You don't believe in the validity of this
> particular model of learning? You don't
> think it makes sense?
> Fine, I guess.
> But it makes total sense to me.
> And it made sense to Pavlov, too, though
> not many people know this:
> "Postitive emotions arising in connection
> with the perfection of a skill, irrespective
> of its pragmatic significance at a given
> moment, serve as the reinforcement. IOW,
> emotions, not outside rewards, are what
> reinforces any behavior."
> Pavlov Told Us So 100 Years Ago. Sam Corson,
> Pavlov's Last Student Demonstrated At UofOH
> Oxford, That Rehabilitation Of Hyperactive
> Dogs Can Easily And Readily Be Done Using TLC.
> Tender Loving Care Is At The Root Of The
> Scientific Management Of Doggys. <{) ; ~ ) >
> > He's fairly successfully sitting,
> For a cookie, David. THAT FRUSTRATES dogs, David.
> > and I'm using his ability to SIT to try to give him some
> > positive encouragement for something, as I feel that I'm
> > spending most of the day reprimanding him for one thing
> > or another.
> Because you're a dog and child abuser, David.
> > I'm trying to get him to learn DOWN,
> You'll have to start off training the come
> command as a conditional reflex and condition
> your dog to TRUST and RESPECT you, David.
> > but this is where my first problem with him comes in.
> Right, because you're asking for a submissive
> subordinate behavior with no foundation of
> trust or respect.
> > He's *constantly* nipping / mouthing at my hands,
> Mouthing is BONDING behavior, David. PRAISE HIM.
> > and does it more so if he knows that
> > there's a treat in there.
> That's different, that's FRUSTRATION, David:
> "Despite Skinner's clear denunciation of "negative
> reinforcement" (1958) NEARLY EVERY LEARNING
> THEORY model involves the USE OF PUNISHMENT.
> Of curse, Skinner has never to my knowledge,
> demonstrated HOWE we escape the phenomenon
> that an expected reward not received is experienced
> as a punishment and can produce extensive and
> persistent aggression (Azrin et al, 1966)."
> > I'll get him to sit, and then try to coax him into
> > a down position, but he just goes at my hand as if
> > there's no tomorrow.
> Because you're BRIBING him, David:
> "The IMBECILITY of some of the claims for operant
> technique simply take the breath away. Lovas et al
> (1966) report a standard contingent reward/punishment
> procedure developing imitative speech in two severly
> disturbed non verbal schizophrenic boys. After twenty-
> six days the boys are reported to have been learning
> new words with alacrity. HOWEver, when REWARDS were
> moved to a delayed contingency the behavoir and learning
> immediately deteriorated."
> > Saying NO in a very firm voice does absolutely nothing.
> Well yeah, it DOES do sumpthin, David, it
> teaches your dog to FEAR and MISTRUST YOU
> because you're actin like a MENTAL CASE.
> > Grabbing his collar to get his attention
> You mean to INTIMIDATE him, David.
> > makes him nip at the hand grabbing his collar.
> > When this performance is over, he's so worked
> > up that he's jumping around, nipping and mouthing
> > at anything that'll move.
> You've driven the dog INSANE, David, just
> like your mommy and daddy TAUGHT YOU, David.
> > I than resort to making him sit quitely
> > on the lead until he calms down.
> OR YOU'LL HURT HIM somemore.
> > So - how do I stop him nipping,
> You mean, LIKE THIS?:
> "Ned" wrote in message news:
> gers.com...
> Hi ! Our black lab girl is 3 months old (she
> will be 4 months on the 30th).
> When we first brought her home she had a bad
> habit of trying to nip our faces (including
> my 3 year old twins) during playtime.
> It drove everyone in the house nuts and it
> brought my little girls to tears as you can
> imagine.
> We tried saying no, and that would just get her
> even more excited, so we would yell no and that
> would just get her "scared" but still excited.
> In short it just wasn't working.
> So we finally did what Jerry has suggested to you.
> We used a sound do distract her and we would
> immediately praise her. I have to say that it
> worked great. BUT she then moved on to nipping
> at the feet LOL silly little thing.
> So again, we tried no, and then louder no, but again
> it didn't work so we went for the distraction and praise.
> I must say that she is doing great!
> I hope that helps. Edyta aka Ned
> ===================
> From: Becky )
> Subject: Re: Crate Anxiety
> behavior Date: 2002-04-04 12:56:23
> Try Jerry Howe's training manual and check
> out his Doggy Do Right (And Kitty Will And
> A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo Or Two Did Too)
> machine.... it is for this.
> Please do not listen to the others in here
> that don't like him or his methods, they
> have never tried them.... I have and it
> works!!!!
> I broke my dog from nipping almost 100% in 1 day
> and she usually does this SEVERAL times a day and
> actually makes my kids bleed!
> Try it or contact him! The manual is at the above
> website also, and it is free!
> Becky
> ===========
> > and get him to understand that NO means NO ?
> You'll NEVER train your dog if you continue to
> force and intimidate IT as you've been taught.
> > Secondly, and kind of related to the first issue
> You mean, not listening to you when you tell IT to down?
> > is that he's so excitable.
> Because you're bribing forcing and intimidating him.
> > Where he came from,
> He came from your children's gramma,
> your wife's momma's HOWES, David.
> > he wasn't really exercised or stimulated enough,
> That's INSANE, David. The dog is GOIN INSANE
> because he's been ABUSED as you've done to
> your children, as you and your Mrs. was TAUGHT
> by your abusive parents, David.
> > and I'm sure that his boisterousness
> The dog FEARS and HATES you, David. OtherWIZE
> From: "Ms. Mick" >
> Subject: Re: Dog will not listen to anyone but me!
> "The Puppy Wizard" > wrote in message
> news:rQpW8.66560
> > It'd take fifteen minutes to train this dog to
> > come to EVERY member of the family if you knew
> > HOWE, Master Of Deception blankman.
> Okay, I gotta speak up here... We've been using
> Jerry's methods with our dog. We had the same
> problem as the original poster has with Buzz.
> One day working with the family pack exercise
> and practicing the recall command with the family
> and she'll now go out with hubby and daughter
> instead of needing me to reassure her or even
> refusing to go with anyone but me.
> I really urge you, regardless of the negative
> things you might hear about Jerry & Wits' End
> here, to try the method and *judge the results
> for yourself*.
> Let's see what other areas she's improved in...
> always comes when called, not chewing stuff even
> if we leave it laying around, "re"housebroken after
> long shelter stay, walks perfectly on leash, doesn't
> try to steal food from our plates or beg... probably
> a few more things I'm forgetting to mention.
> That's in about a week's time.
> Her overall demeanor has changed. When we brought
> her home she was very untrusting and ultra-submissive
> (except with her area/toys where she was possessive
> and nippy). She had been abused and beaten by previous
> owners, then she was in a shelter for months. They
> (most of them) wanted to give upand kill her
> Now she's gained confidence and trust with us.
> Last night was another big breakthrough (in my eyes).
> She barked! Big deal, she barked just once when she
> heard the front door. Great!
> Anyway, you'll be told lots of nasty stuff about
> Jerry or that the Wits' End manual is culled from
> other sources. In my opinion, even if it is, it
> takes only the good stuff and leaves out the bad.
> Works for me.
> (And I suppose I gotta say this... I don't know
> Jerry personally. I've emailed him and instant
> messaged him. I have not bought a "Doggy Do Right".
> He's offered help for free.)
> M.
> > is due to his boredom.
> Perhaps you should let him play with your kids?
> > He's now getting around 3 hours of walking a day,
> > plus three good 15-30 minute play sessions in the
> > garden which I'm hoping will sort that out,
> No, it'll make him MORE WILD and he'll have MORE STAMINA
> BEEN TAUGHT by your abusive parents, David.
> > but it doesn't seem to be working so far.
> Notic I'm not BLAMING YOU, David. You're only an
> INNOCENT VICTIM of abuse, just as your dog is.
> > Any advice on how to stop him jumping / pawing
> > and generally getting worked up as soon as I walk
> > into the room would be appreciated as we've a 5
> > month old baby that needs to be carried everywhere
> > and doesn't appreciate a nippy dog jumping around.
> Never thought of that as an EXXXCUSE for not
> being able to PRAISE THE DOG for tryin to say
> "HOWEDY!", David. Have you TRIED sayin "HOWEDY!"
> when he comes over to BOND with you, David?
> > Those are the real negatives with him
> You AIN'T GETTIN AWAY with BLAMING the puppy
> > and I'd appreciate any sensible advice that folks can give -
> > we were his only option,
> No, you DISADVANTAGED you MIL and him of his
> original HOWES because you didn't LIKE what
> The Amazing Puppy Wizard TOLD YOU a couple
> weeks ago, and NOW I GET MY DESSERT, David.
> You, your dog, your child, your SP-HOWES mean
> ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to me, David, as your CASE
> HISTORY DATA is ALL I need or care about and
> will serve my MACHINE very well whether or not
> you SUCCEED or FAIL to rehabiitate your new puppy.
> > as the m-i-l couldn't cope
> > and there was nowhere for him to go.
> > He's got the bones of a good dog in there,
> That so?
> > and I really want to get them out!
> Well then you'll have to FORGET EVERY THING
> you think you know and learn every thing the
> EXXXPERTS tell you to KILLFILE, David.
> "A customer recently purchased a Shiba Inu and
> I suspect she may be in for a wild ride. This
> is a breed that I suspect may respond particularly
> well to mutual respect style training.
> The alpha complex (as I now call it) is likely to
> really provoke the dog's naturally competitive nature.
> Thanks 1000 times for opening my eyes and don't let
> those assholes get you down. I can't be the only person
> that sees the sense in your methods. I'm in Windsor,
> Ontario, Canada and pass your info to anyone it might
> help"
> Thanks, Jeremy.
> > Thanks in advance,
> Thank you, David. I couldn't operate this
> machine without your case history data.
> > David
> The Amazing Puppy Wizard <{); ~ ) >
> From: "Ms. Mick" >
> Newsgroups: rec.pets.dogs.behavior,alt.animals.dog
> Subject: Re: Dog will not listen to anyone but me!
> "michael" > wrote in message
> ...
> > Tell me, Ms Mick, what's Jerry paying you to
> > be a paid shill? I want you to be a paid shill
> > for dogtv.com networks from now on. I'll double
> > what Howe's giving you, and then add on 50% MOORE
> > as a bonus. Is it a deal?
> Ooh.. $0 + 50%, what a dream! :)
> To the other posters, just what exactly is
> plagiarized in the Wits' End manual? I'll
> get whatever book you claim the material to
> be from to check it out. You prove it to me.
> I don't have the problem training this dog
> (using the Wits' End manual).. seems everyone
> else is having the problems with their dogs.
> People bitch that I'm not giving advice, then
> bitch again because they disagree when I do.
> I don't care. All I know is that my dog is
> doing well.
> When I said "culled" I meant that what I consider
> bad methods are left out. I've already stated that
> I think choke/pinch/shock collars, crates, food
> bribes, and other punishments are unnecessary.
> If a book recommends them,it either goes in the
> trash or back to the store. I've given up on dog
> training books. I'm not going to devote time reading
> books that go against what I'd do to train a dog.
> I don't care if the authors are "experts" or not.
> Some people here have said, "I thought I'd never
> do X either until..." or that there is value in
> all tools. Uhm... I'm sorry. A shock collar, for
> one example, has no positive value whatsoever. If
> you think it does, you wear one for a day and let
> somebody "correct" you for whatever they like.
> At the end of the day you'd probably want to slap
> that person silly. I'm not willing to compromise
> my views. I will *never* use those methods.
> I've taken back book after book because it claims
> to be compassionate or non-force. I open the book
> and it's a lie. Last book I glanced at was "Good
> Owners, Great Dogs". First page I flipped to was
> a picture showing how to teach sit by jerking a
> choke collar while pushing down the dog's back
> end. Lots of pictures showing how to jerk that
> leash... *sigh*
> Oh, and I once upon a time I thought I was safe
> buying that book by Monks. Monks! Sadistic
> *******s who *hit* and jerked dogs into submission.
> This is not my first dog. I've had dogs in the
> past and not used any formal training methods with
> them, just my normal belief that all dogs can be good
> dogs with positive feedback and without punishment.
> It always worked.After my last dog died (about 10
> years ago) I didn't get another. I've wanted to
> during this time, but I had a divorce, a child,
> and other things that took most of my time. For
> the past three years I've really missed having a
> dog around. So, on my birthday, my husband said,
> "Let's go to the shelter." I actually found her
> on petfinder.com first.
> My current dog needed me to come along or she
> would be dead now. I'm not exaggerating, the
> vet at the shelter wanted to kill her the day
> we brought her home. Why? Because she was a
> behavioral nightmare for them.
> People wouldn't look twice at her after she
> snarled at them and warned them to get away
> from her cage. They couldn't look past the
> tearing up garbage, fear, abuse, and
> housebreaking problems that were listed in
> her bio.
> We had filled out the paperwork to adopt her
> on Saturday, and they stretched the waiting
> period out from 24 hours until Tuesday. Why?
> Because the vet didn't want to take a chance
> on her and wanted to kill her! I think he was
> hoping that the long wait would make us give up,
> but all it did was encourage us to visit her
> every day, take her for walks, and bring her
> stuff from "home". Luckily, one of the dog
> handlers there was sane and stood by us when
> we went there on that Tuesday and demanded that
> they let us take her home. She's recovering now
> and getting better by the day.
> I can't have a dog that pulls on a leash or jumps on
> me or anything like that. I'm disabled from a car
> accident 15 years ago. I can walk (slowly) and all
> that, but lack the balance and strength to survive
> a dog dragging me around on a leash or knocking me
> over. I'd never be able to catch her if
> she decided to run away.
> I *need* a well-behaved dog. If my dog wanted
> to, she'd have me on my butt in two seconds. I
> don't have that problem though.
> So excuse me if I come here and get upset when I
> read a bunch of posts giving "advice" to "train"
> dogs by the "experts" that'll make the dogs just
> as messed up as mine was when I first met her.
> (She had such fear that everything she did was
> going to mean being hit or her paws squeezed or
> be locked up that she would get ultra-submissive,
> anxious and would pee all over.
> She's a big enough dog (Rott/Shep. mix) that if
> she would have decided to attack instead, she
> could cause major damage. Lucky she was kept
> in a cage/tied up, huh?) It tends to upset me
> a bit, and all my niceness goes right out the window.
> I mistakenly thought that these dog groups would be
> a positive experience, but for the most part they've
> just made me angry. "Dimpled Chad" has been polite
> and helpful, but almost everyone else seems to have
> a problem with me speaking my mind.
> M.
> =======================
> <"Terri"@cyberhighway
> > Hey, do like me, and killfile Jerry.
> > He has millions of people aleady reading his posts and
> > watching him extract his soggy foot out of his mouth!
> > Out of these MILLIONS, I've only seen 2 naive childs
> > come forward and actually believe in his training manual.
> Robert Crim writes:
> I assume that I and my wife are those two naive childs
> since I freely admit to having read and, I hope,
> understood enough of the manual and it's counterparts by
> John Fisher and the posts of Marilyn Rammell to believe
> and use it.
> This naive child would like to say thank you to both
> Jerry and Marilyn for putting up with a constant barrage
> of really infantile crap at the hands of supposedly
> adult dog lovers.
> The other naive child (LSW) has to put up with the
> nagging idea that if people like them had been posting
> earlier, maybe we would not have had to hold the head
> of a really magnificent animal in our arms while he was
> given the needle and having to hug him and wait until he
> gasped his last gasp.
> To my mind, "naive" is believing you can terrorize a dog
> into good behavior. Naive is believing that people that
> hide behind fake names are more honest than people that
> use their real names. Naive is thinking that dilettante
> dog breeders and amateur "trainers" like Joey
> (lyingdogDUMMY, j.h.) are the equal or better than
> those that have studied and lived by their craft for
> decades.
> "Stupid" is believing that people do not see kindergarten
> level insults for what they are. Really stupid is believing
> that people like Jerry Howe and Marilyn Rammell are
> going to just go away because you people act like fools.
> Why do you act like fools? I really have no idea, and I
> don't really care.
> > And, to date: I've not seen ONE come forward and
> > actually admit to buying and having success with his
> > little black box.
> I think I'm going to get one myself for Father's day and
> take it down to the Animal Shelter for their use and
> testing. You would never believe the results, so you'll
> never know.
> > Anyone by now that doesn't see a scam man coming by
> > Jerry's posts deserves to get what is sure to be coming
> > to him! LOL!
> I don't see a "scam man", so I guess I and Longsuffering
> Wife and Rollei will just have to get what we deserve,
> eh? As Joey (Dogman) says, "poor Rollei.".......right.
> >Terri
> Yes it was, and that is sad.
> Robert, Longsuffering Wife and Rollei (do I get to
> listen to the box first?)
> ====================
> "Hoku Beltz" > wrote in message
> . ..
> > Aloha Sunny,
> > Just follow the training program to the letter, no matter
> > how insignificant some of the step seem to be and your pupy
> > will be a very well behaved dog in a few days.
> > I would seriously consider backing out of the training
> > classes as they will conflict with the Wit's End principles.
> > I went the training route first, and still had problems
> > until I found Wits' End. Now I have two "new and improved"
> > dogs.
> > You won't be dissapointed if you follow the program.
> > Good luck,
> > Hoku
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> From: Hoku Beltz
> To: The Puppy Wizard
> Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 6:12 PM
> Subject: Mahalo
> Aloha Jerry,
> Just wanted to let you know that the surrogate toy
> technique is working wonders. I have not had a
> shredded sheet for over a week now. It is nice
> to be able to leave the bed made and come home
> to a made bed.
> Your program is awesome, but you already know
> that. Keep up the good work!
> Hoku
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> "misty" > wrote in message
> ...
> > I don't now whether Peach is dead or alive. I do know she's
> > not here with us. I really can't blame anyone here for her
> > loss.
> > I'm the one who ignored your advice. I did it because of how
> > you write/wrote. I was unwilling to accept the idea that my
> > using a shock collar could have any bearing on Peach not
> > wanting to stay home. Up until I started using it my main
> > concern had been keeping my dogs in their own yard.
> > Once I started using the e-fence...well, then my concern
> > became how to keep them from running off for days on end.
> > I lost valuable training time becoming embroiled in the
> > anti- shock debate and the "Jerry sux" tirades.
> > I lost one dog but I have the bestest dog in the
> > world now <g> A Wits End Trained dog, one who is
> > completely <housetrained, doesn't chew up stuff,
> > stays in the yard, and doesn't bark
> > all the time. IOW a great companion and friend.
> > Thanks Jerry!
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> "misty" > wrote in message
> > We just installed a PetSafe brand fence this Spring.
> > Two dogs, two collars We now have one dog and no
> > collars.
> > Peach and Zelda would run thru the fence, not want to
> > come back in the yard and would run for days. The
> > last time, Peach didn't come back home.
> > I used the Wit's End Training Manual to learn how to
> > train my dog. She is now border trained. A few
> > minutes each day reinforces her desire to stay in the
> > yard.
> > She no longer runs out into the road, I can stop her
> > from chasing cats and she no longer cringes when we
> > walk around the yard.
> > I can not say loud or long enough how much I hate the
> > e-fence and its collars. If you can't get a regular fence
> > then you need to train your dog. I will never rely on an
> > electronic collar to keep my dog in our yard again.
> > The price was too high:-(
> > ~misty
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> "JoeTheGuru" wrote
> or it could be a troll <are you a troll??
> do not use it on your dog.....
> would you use it on your best friend.....
> I have read jerry's book, it seems too easy at first.
> however I started to use some of the training out of
> it and now.
> I have a dog that heels as fast as a collie in a
> trial.<great dane X mastiff
> I have a dog that stays and never leaves the spot.
> I have a dog that comes when ever I call.
> I have a dog that never leaves the yard, never runs
> away.
> I have a dog that stands still to be washed
> with the cold hose.
> I have a dog that never pulls on
> the lead when we walk.
> I have a dog that puts up with more abuse then a
> dog should from my 2 year old <and loves it
> I have a dog that barks at the fence only when some
> ones there.
> I have a dog that would not care less if there is
> another dog in the park <only wants to be with and
> please me though a lot of this is due to me training
> the dog <spending the time with the dog.
> jerry's book showed me not to punish the dog. but
> just to work with the dog. which I liked the idea of
> hence why I tried it. it is easy to become
> frustrated with a dog when you are trying to train
> them.
> I look forward to my next puppy <ban dog so
> I can use the information from jerry's book
> and see just how good a dog can get.
> the dog I have now was when I picked her up from the
> RSPCA. she could not walk on a lead <no idea. cowered
> from every noise <and wet her self, messed in the
> house at every turn. acted like I was killing her
> when I dragged her over to the mess.
> this was A 6 month old pup that had been beaten <2.5
> feet to the shoulder. I could of taken her back
> however I knew I could bring her back to being to be a dog.
> the dog I have now at 1.5 years <same dog is a dog
> to be proud to walk down the street with <3 feet to
> the shoulder and still growing.
> so well behaved even when people walk passed with a
> out of control dog. gentle with my child and trust
> worthy < I never have to worry that my dog
> will bite her, only have to worry if a stranger
> comes over to my child. still that is not a worry
> she places herself between my child and the
> stranger
> I may be plugging jerry's book, however with the
> crap out there it is good to see that someone has
> moved forward. looked at a different way to train
> dogs. yes he gets into people, and in their face <
> you should back off a little jerry however he is
> sick of the bashing, choking, shocking, shaking and
> everything else. so jerry save this lad from ruining
> his dog. later, Joe
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> "Charlie Wilkes" wrote
> in message news: pjaootcg8dgrptuu96383933eqk2jjp__B
> EGIN_MASK_n#[email protected] 4ax.com...
> I read up on rotties, pitbulls, etc., and quite a
> bit of the literature suggested I needed to assert
> my dominance and "make the dog earn everything it
> gets."
> I tried this once or twice, just by taking a stern
> tone of voice, and the results were terrible.
> The pup got scared and just wanted to stay away from
> me.
> That's why I support Jerry Howe and his FREE
> Wits' End Dog Training manual -- that and the fact
> that Jerry is an all-around great guy.
> The core takeaway I got from Jerry's manual is this:
> make yourself the center of your puppy's world -
> - his personal Lord Jesus. Never give him a reason
> to fear you or think you're angry. Love the heck
> out of him, and you'll end up with a great dog.
> This has truly worked with my puppy. She'll do
> anything I want her to, if she understands, because
> she trusts me 100 percent, and nothing is more
> important in her world than her relationship
> with me. http://www.geocities.com/viscouspuppy
> Charlie
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