View Full Version : Do Cats,& Dogs Sweat?

September 12th 05, 07:17 AM

Ted Davis
September 12th 05, 01:57 PM
On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 02:17:44 -0400, (R S)

>The Reason I ask is; Giving them Garlic tablets to help to keep Fleas
>off of them. Does it do any good? Please Reply. R .S.

No, they do not sweat. They pant.

Frontline and advantage are safe, and at least Frontline, work very
well - if you buy the large dog size and meter the dose with a
calibrated syringe or dropper, the cost is quite reasonable.

However, garlic - as well as onions and related plants - is very
dangerous to cats. Stop using it *at once* and have the cat checked
for hemolytic and other forms of anemia.

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