View Full Version : Please if you have the time to help the cats down south READ

September 16th 05, 10:55 PM

From a worker at Lamar DIxon yesterday:

"I am typing with one hand...returned with an injury. For those that are
confused, "lindisfarne" appeared one evening as I was checking in an endless
stream of cats. She was my savior that evening and I will have video to post
of this soon.

This can't be said enough, they need people in the cat part. We were too
busy for me to see much else. Got there 3am monday got up 6 or 7am. Worked
non stop until midnight, got hurt. emergency room 5 hours. been up for 27
hours and went to check cats before I went to sleep and many from night
before needed food/water and only one woman was there. I worked for 3 more
hours, broke down and cried, begging for help in the cat area. Finally got
some and then the ladies from kittico and our blogger, lindisfarne came in
and saved the day. My God what we were able to accomplish but help with the
cats is needed so badly. "

More to follow...