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September 18th 05, 10:10 PM
Alley Cat Allies will be setting up a M*A*S*H style unit in Bogalusa, LA
located 50 miles from New Orleans in Washington Parrish to treat and save
the many feral and stray cats still in the areas affected by Katrina in New

ACA is however requiring help from the public to make this rescue effort
happen. A
database has been set up for those from the New Orleans area to report the
locations of both strays and feral cat colonies. With time running out for
the cats, ACA
is hoping to get this information quickly so they can go in and trap the
cats and then get them treated.

Volunteers are also needed to pull off this operation. Here is the latest
information on those opportunuties and their rescue plan.

ACA plans to help rebuild the caregiver network, remove any feral cats from
shelters, collect and provide food and water to known colonies, identify
other colonies in need of help and assess future needs such as spay/neuter
services and ongoing support for caregivers.

Mobilization will happen in the next week and they are looking for the

1. A base of operations - house, warehouse, campsite, etc. - within an hour
and a half drive of New Orleans.

We need the contact information for the property owners, exact location and
facilities available on this property (water, plumbing, and electricity).
This location would be used as an operation base for ACA staff and
volunteers as well as a place to store food, and supplies.

2 Volunteers for on-the-ground help.

Leaders: Men and women who are organized, collected and have experience in
managing others.

Volunteers who are willing to "rough it."
Physically and emotionally strong men and women (men are especially needed).
People with experience in a clinic or shelter setting who can deal with loud
barking dogs and cages full of cats.

3. Drivers and vehicles for transport.

Trucks, SUVs preferable.

4. Supplies (cat food, water, carriers, etc.) to be purchased and
transported to our base camp.

List of supplies needed will be provided.
5. Foster homes and barn homes (for feral cats).
Transport to foster and barn homes

Please go to http://www.alleycat.org/katrina_colony.cfm and fill out the
volunteer portion of the form. You can also use that form to let them know
where colonies are at in New Orleans. Be sure to tell them if you have any
special skills and training that would be applicable.

If you have already contacted ACA about volunteering, they do have you on
their list and will be in touch as soon as they decide upon a location to
meet. Please DO NOT email or call again if you have expressed interest once
and they will respond to you soon.

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