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September 19th 05, 06:19 PM
_l i g h t_b r e e z e Zach's personal stalker yammered:

>_l i g h t_b r e e z e yammered:
>>>how do you get those pop up windowes into your messages Zack
>>>you amase me
>>I'm starting to develop a little crush on you ;)
>why on earth should you do that for, you hate everything that moves ;))
>>>none of your messages are a filed for more than 6 days..why
>>My my Jeanne, are you stalking me?
>>I'm flattered.

slrup ;)

>i`ll give you cat

No thank you, not with that nasty yeast infection you have. Besides,
I have plenty of pussy ;)

>_l i g h t_b r e e z e

You really should change you name to FartWind