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September 21st 05, 12:41 AM

Corporations and businesses are now sponsoring two to six people
evacuation teams made up of their own employees. I didn’t want to do it
but I am really going to play on your sense of adventure. The police
and national guard are jealous of our day because there is so much
adventure to be had. Every hour out on the streets is something new.
Yesterday two dogs were brought in that must have been in a swimming
pool for days; they were in bad shape and rushed off to vet care. I
don’t know if they will make it. Every day for every search team
brings a dozen new adventures; the stories at night when everyone
sits down are endless. Get your company or friends to sponsor a 2-4
person team. This is war and it feels like it when you are on the
ground except you don’t have to kill any body. We estimate that we
will need people thru the next 45 days. But we would like to see
people here immediately. Forward this to your manage and your ceo and
show them that giving a few people time off and a little money can make
a real difference. We estimate that a 4 person team working for a week
(or even better two weeks) can save 150 animals per week. Fly into
Baton Rouge or Jackson, MS and rent an suv. Forward this blog to all
of your adventurous types of friends, ex military, retirees, and any
others that can come down and make things happen without a lot of
direction. All the local police and national guard are on our side.
I was driven around for several hours by the military yesterday in an
humvee, seaching for more animals in need of rescue. Call me for now
but check back here later this week. I am looking for a person on the
outside to help coordinate with people who are heading now with
specific directions and instructions. For now get your flight and
vehicle lined up. Doesn’t matter if you like pets or not, if you come
down here and have access to a city and all the supplies you need and
have the adventure of a lifetime . we have all the supplies of a well
stocked rmy sent by concerned citizens. The company is even offering 40
atvs and 40 flat bottom boats . all we need is people, we don’t have
enuf. No experience necessary - we will train you once you arrive.

Also we need road map types of GPS. So that we can plug in an address
and go. We spend lots of time lost.

Yesterday’s update. We moved to the Winn Dixie to join forces with the
other group. We are now 100 people strong and that’s not near enough
people. Evacuation teams are now going into recently opened parishes
and are reporting dogs on every corner. One team picked up 30 dogs in
a short time frame. Water rescee teams still finding dogs alive on
roofs. And one floating on a TV. No one knows how they are still
alive so far past the storm. They want to live so badly -- come help

Look back here for more updates later this evening or tomorrow morning.