View Full Version : Another plea for help Gonzalez volunteers

September 22nd 05, 12:36 AM
A report from a volunteer from petfinder.com:

I just returned from Gonzales 10 seconds ago and am posting this
message before I do anything else. If you are still wondering whether
or not you should go to volunteer at the shelter, GO! They are
desperate for help!

You will be allowed to volunteer. In fact, they’ve been pleading for
local people to help out on radio and TV. They may have been stricter
about who they allowed to volunteer earlier on because they were afraid
of people stealing pets. But they now have national guard and Brinks
security protecting the animals.

You will be allowed to go into the field in New Orleans and rescued.
We were approached by several organizations to go out on field rescues
after just two days. The national guard and local police are
protecting and assisting animal rescue volunteers throughout New
Orleans. I can’t tell you how thankful they are to have people coming
in and saving these poor animals.

There are air conditioned tents and showers onsite protected by the
national guard for you to stay in. All meals are provided. Local
people are so grateful to have volunteers, they’re offering
transportation, laundry services, even homes to stay in.

I read similar posts before going to Gonzales and thought the people
writing them were exaggerating the situation there, but I was wrong.
They need at least 10 times as many volunteers as they currently have.
The situation is beyond desperate.

I’ll be posting more about my experience later tonight. But I wanted
to get the word out so people can start making travel arrangements
immediately. If there’s any way you can possibly go, start making
arrangements immediate