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September 22nd 05, 05:16 PM
An exciting new book is pioneering the long-neglected topic of "mental
illness" and "well-being" in animals including cats.

"Wellbeing" is increasingly being seen from a holistic viewpoint.

Veterinarian and internationally acclaimed animal behaviourist, Dr. Michael
Fox, is one of the many contributors to this comprehensive manual. He
presents the holistic "well-being" concept from the perspective of there 3
key "spheres" of a cat's life:

* Ecos (as in "ecosystem"): the physical and social environment

* Ethos: the intrinsic nature (I like the term "life-force") of a cat

* Telos: the natural biological role and potential of a cat

Criteria of Psychological Health in Cats
The book gives a comprehensive checklist of Criteria of Psychological Health
in Cats. The list is too long for me to repeat here, but some notable items

* Scratch only items provided for this purpose

* Are affectionate without being "needy"

* Can be left alone for reasonable lengths of time without destructiveness

* Readily relinquish control of food, or toys

* Play with others

* Adapt to change with minimal problem

The book gives some practical tips on how to promote Psychological Health in
animals and how to cure problems when they arise.

I have put a review and more details of this new manual online at:

Best wishes for the well-being of all your felines!