View Full Version : Leaving my Cat while on vacation

September 24th 05, 12:25 AM
Here's my question;
I have moved my 12 year old cat from my home that she was raised in when I moved out about 6 months ago, leaving the house to my adult kids & 2 dogs & 2 other younger cats (my kids).
I am plannning a 10 day vacation & don't know what whould be less stressful for my cat, to return her for the 10 days to the other house where she will be with the other animals & kids or leave her her at the new home where she will be alone except for when my kids can come & check in on her. She is older & likes being alone. When we were at the other house, she was mostly an outdoor cat seeming to want to get away from all the other animals. Now in our new place she is mainly indoors & very attached to me. What would be the best thing for her?

September 26th 05, 10:34 PM
I think moving her back to the old house would only cause her unnecessary
stress. I would leave her in your new place, as long as somebody comes in
a couple of times a day to see to her. Older cats like peace and quiet
and I think your cat seems to enjoy his new home.

October 5th 05, 05:55 PM
I would agree...seems like your grand dame has settled into silence and
peace. There is nothing wrong with leaving her alone for a day or two,
provided someone checks on her daily, and food, litter and water are
kept fresh.

Get her a cat toy if you are afraid she might get bored.Good luck!