View Full Version : Pasado rescuers need help in Texas

September 23rd 05, 07:26 PM
from their website:
Updated: 9/23 10:42am PST PLEASE CROSS POST!!!!!

Texas Rescue UPDATE URGENT: PasadoRescue has Homeland Security and FEMA
approval to enter into Texas and begin helping animals. Residents have
dropped off 500 of their animals so far at a fairgrounds in Huntsville, TX,
45 minutes North of Houston. PasadoRescue has been called to help. Although
most animals are fine, some are in need of immediate veterinary assistance -
bloody urine, injuries, and other medical problems need to be addressed now.
PasadoRescuers are sending a vet, a 4th year vet student and a handful of
rescuers to Huntsville to set up a Texas triage location at the 18,000 sf
facility. We need help. Many more animals will be coming, including those
injured during the hurricane. If flying, you'd come into Austin. If driving,
we will post directions as soon as our crew is there to set-up the triage
location. NOW we just need people to commit to helping.