View Full Version : Re: Yay! No Drama Sub-Q

September 25th 05, 08:09 AM
Brandy Alexandre wrote:
> I just had to share that I just gave the first no-muss, no-fuss, no
> recriminating sub-q to Kami. She didn't complaining, she didn't
> wiggle, she didn't try to escape prematurely, and she didn't pout
> afterwards. I think she has finally connected the sub-q to feeling
> better (or I finally did it well). Anyway, I got the "sweet spot" with
> the needle, the flow was quick, she was still. She stayed put after I
> took it out. I gave her a treat (CatSip milk), and she came back to
> the same spot to lounge.
> We might actually make it through this! Yay!

That's great! I never got to that point with my late cat, Cory, but we
only did it a few weeks. Even if I warmed it and even if it went in
quick, he didn't like it one bit. How long have you been doing it now
and how often?