View Full Version : Sleepless Nights

September 29th 05, 03:43 PM
I am having a major problem with my 1 year old cat. She wont let us
sleep through the night. She wakes up about 5 - 6 times everynight
and instead of just going out an open window she claws and scratches at
our bed. If we close the bedroom door on her she scratches the door. We
have tried to use a water pistol to dissuade her from scratching the
bed and simply getting up and going to the window when she's ready,
but she insists. This means I get up every night to stop her scratching
and take her to the window. I am going a bit mad, don't know what to
do with her and how to handle it.

Please help.

September 29th 05, 03:45 PM
I lock Otis in a downstairs room when I go to bed, he doesn't mind now
he's used to it, I work shifts and can't have him wasking me up every
morning, it's not his fault I know, but he's a pain in the morning and
he has everything he needs downstairs.

September 29th 05, 07:32 PM
Yes I often had the same problem. I had to put my cat in the basement
but I reassured him he wasn't alone it was just bedtime. I got him in a
routine where I would bring him down, lay him down and just pet him and
comfort him awhile and said bedtime and he knows what that means now.
Every odd night he'll howl for me and I just go put him back to bed. He
might have just had a nightmare or needed reassurance. Now I don't even
close the basement door he just knows that's where bedtime is. Just
don't yell at them it causes anxiety and will only make it worse.
you'll getting his heartrate up and waking him up more. And if you
decide one night it's ok he can come to bed withyou and then the next
night noway. Then he'll never know what's right and wrong. He needs
Good luck,