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It's Me
October 3rd 05, 11:18 AM
Without warning, My Sammy developed a blockage and was unable to
urinate. This started at 9pm and by midnight I was hysterical. He was
trying so hard. He sat down on the middle of the floor, lifted his head
up, opened his mouth and shook his head. I knew i had to get help for
him immediately. The emergency hospital I had as reference was closed
(and the owner's later explanation on why it was closed that night was
unacceptable & ridiculous). It took me an hour to find another
hospital. We drove their at 1:20 am. The vet examined my boy and
started treatment right away. 2 days later, he's doing much
better...getting a sonogram tomorrow. If all goes well, he'll be back
with me Tuesday morning. I urge everyone to have not one, but at least
2 listings for emergency hospitals.

October 3rd 05, 04:27 PM
I'm so glad that all worked out for you and Sammy. You really came to his
aid in the best way possible. Your experience is a wake-up call. We have
an emergency hospital nearby and then my own vet has one further away and
gives us his beeper number.

Of course I don't look busy,
I did it right the first time.