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October 8th 05, 08:16 PM
i have three cats (all adorable cats) - i have had 3 cats for ten years now.
the latest addition is 14 months old. he was introduced into the family
after my darling cat Charlie had to be put to sleep (he had cancer - the
poor love).

felix is the eldest - he previously lived with my mother-in-law until he was
two years old and then he came to live with us. he is now 13 years old.

we are quite protective about our cats - we even moved house and went to the
top of our budget to make sure they had a safe environment. they love where
they live now.

felix suffers from hyperthyroid - his first blood test revealed a score of
90+. considering the readings at the vets only went as high as 90 that was a
scary result. immediately we took the nescessary action. his subsequent
readings have been neglible after a couse of medication. the vet was
pleased with the result and i trust our vet.

i have now decided to introduce a dry food for breakfast which he can chose
to eat when he wants.