View Full Version : Jasmine (again)

October 11th 05, 02:54 AM
Hi everyone...update on Jasmine...she's following me around constantly,
licking me (or biting, depending on her mood) and going through my cupboards
at odd hours of the night. So I'm expecting kittens soon. I'm setting up her
own room, so she can have privacy with the kittens, and trying to get the
outside greenhouse ready for her in time, as an outdoor area. The only
problem is the floor of the greenhouse is just earth, red soil too, and I
very much doubt whether any grass would grow as it's too shady and
hard-packed also. Any ideas for flooring, I was thinking of that fake grass
stuff, I need something cheap, easy to get and hard wearing. As we are
renting I would like to be able to take it with me when we go. It is a very
large greenhouse, the size of a large room, and very high. I am setting up a
shelter area ( we're just entering wet season) or two, and will have litter
trays, food etc, in the shelter areas, with shelves, play trees etc in the
rest of it.

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