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October 16th 05, 04:33 AM
Voice of the Animals, Inc., a no-kill, non profit 501c3 organization is
dedicated to animal welfare and reverence for life. Its outreach
programs provide assistance to as many animals as possible in need of
rescue, housing, medical attention, TLC and promotes adaptation of
handicapped animals.

Our Sanctuary for unadoptable felines (handicapped) is located
approximately 25 miles NW of Coeur d'Alene, ID and provides a
safe-haven and rescue sanctuary in the tri-state area of Idaho,
Washington and Montana.

To continue our humanitarian efforts in caring for over 400 cats, Voice
of the Animals needs your immediate financial support. And so, we are
embarking on a major fund raising campaign that will assist us through
a transition phase. With the winter months quickly approaching and the
rising costs of daily necessities, our meager resources are being
stretched dramatically.

We wish to say "thank you" for your support by offering not only an
immediate tax deduction, but also a "goodwill gesture" from us within
30 days. The amount of "goodwill" depends on the size of the donation.
It is a thank-filled expense for us and a financial help to you.

To make a donation, please send your check or money order to:

Voice of the Animals, Inc.
1031 Stone Rd.
Blanchard, ID 83804

Or to learn more about our programs, please feel free to call:

Cheryl Perkins, CEO/Pres.

Thank you for your consideration and help.
Due to funding sources transition, emergency help is needed to stop
foreclosure on property and keep power on, a total of $3750.