View Full Version : eye problem?

October 16th 05, 06:16 PM
Now that it's getting colder again, Meep's starting with this transitory
eye problem, same as she had last winter.

All that happens is that her eye gets weepy (clear tears), and itches -
she'll rub her closed eye with a paw. This only lasts for a few
minutes, then she's fine. Happens a couple of times each winter.

I've checked her eye when this has happened, I see no sign of trouble at
all. It can be either eye.

I'm guessing it's either a hair in her eye, or an allergic reaction,
though it seems odd that it's only ever one eye at a time. Can be
either one.

But why only when the weather gets cooler? Any ideas why this is
happening? I haven't had her to the vet for this, since it's so
transitory and rare, I figure there wouldn't be anything for the vet to see.