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Janet B
October 21st 05, 02:41 PM
On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 13:21:30 GMT, Diane
>, clicked their heels and said:

>I don't have the world's best
>carpet, I know it needs to be cleaned with a really good vacuum (think
>cat fur, human hair, and kitty litter, aside from dander and dust), but
>I'm afraid the Dyson might suck it off the floor. Just wondering before
>I spend a boatload. Thank you.

I use mine on my hard surface floors at home, a Kilim rug (the weave
on these makes it really hard to get hair out of, except for the
Dyson!), and other area rugs. I also use it on really cheapo
indoor/outdoor carpet at my training building. It does an incredible
job and I can't imagine ever owning another vacuum cleaner. It can be
a little scary to see how much stuff gets sucked up in the canister,
but emptying is a breeze and better than going through a bajillion

It does a great job on all kinds of litter and well as hair/fur. Skip
follows me around while I vaccum, or doesn't get up when I'm vaccuming
around him, so it seems cat friendly as well ;-D.

Janet B

October 22nd 05, 08:58 PM
"Diane" > wrote in message
> I've got an old little canister, and Hodge keeps trying to mount the
> attachments. It's a little scary sometimes . . . :O>>