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Cat Protector
October 21st 05, 04:51 PM
Cat Galaxy To Broadcast 12 Hour Live Show This Saturday

Get ready for some great fun and music with some powerful messages as Cat
Galaxy presents Crazy About Cats, a 12 hour live broadcast this Saturday,
October 22nd to help raise awareness about spaying and neutering of cats,
TNR of feral cats, cat rescue, and adoption. The broadcast will begin at 8am
and end at 8pm. Besides Cat Galaxy you will also be able to listen to the
broadcast on the following stations:


Cracklin' Radio

X Music Network

Humboldt 101

So come and join us for this very special broadcast that supports some very
special feline issues and brings them to light in a very entertaining way.
The broadcast will be worldwide and both feline and humans are welcome to
tune in. For more information about the broadcast go to
www.catgalaxymedia.com. Cat Galaxy is an Internter radio and TV station for
cats. Meow!

Cat Galaxy: All Cats! All The Time!

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