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October 22nd 05, 01:27 AM
On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 16:05:36 +0000, Brandy**Alexandre wrote:

> Poor Kami, every say "awwwww." I got home yesterday and found her
> scrunched up under the desk and practically screaming. I thought maybe
> she had injured herself, but then I could see she was clamping at the tail
> end. And she's never done this before--ever--but she got up and squatted
> right there and passed two drops of bloody urine. Another infection, and
> a bad one. She was fine when I left that morning.
> If I had come straight home I could have taken her to her own vet, but
> believe it or not I stopped there on my way to get a bag of k/d. There was
> a wait and in that amount of time I would have gone home, found her, and
> swept her off to the vet before they closed. Instead, we had to drive to
> the more expensive ER, after, of course, she tried to take off my arm for,
> first, touching her at all when she was so upset, and second, putting her
> in the carrier.
> Anyway, When we got to the vet, I told them that the last time what they
> diagnosed as UTI was determined to be a kidney infection, and if they
> can't get enough urine for a sample, to treat for kidney if only because
> she tolerates the Baytril more than the Clavamox. I turned into one of
> *those* parents.
> In the end, and $255 later, she got a shot of antibiotics, a shot of
> steroids, and sub-q. I actually asked them to do the sub-q even though it
> was pricey because I just didn't want to be the bad guy last night. I was
> concerned that we were going to have a food problem now and she would
> really get into trouble, but when we got home, she was a lot more
> comfortable and she snarfed her food.
> Now I get to give her a pill everyday for two weeks. What fun. ;)

Heartfelt purrs for Kami -- may she get a quick cure, poor baby! MLB