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October 25th 05, 04:55 AM
No More Retail wrote:
> Does anyone know of descent magazine or websites dealing with gifts for cat
> lovers such as throws, pillows knick-knacks and such.
> I know about SMC products and a magazine called www.lighterside.com are
> their any other descent ones out there that any one who has experience with.
> I know there are a lot I have done a search but looking for personal
> feedback.
> I know of these also
> http://thefamilystore.net/Musicals.htm kitty music box
> http://www.collectiblestoday.com/ct/store_main.jsp various cat gifts
> http://www.pet-loss-rainbow-bridge-candles.com/ pet loss products

Seems like an awful lot of catalogues offer cat-related gifts this
year. A few good ones are Favorites and Serengeti. If you're looking
for inexpensive gifts, "Collections" is a good one, with nothing in the
catalogue over $14.99. I ordered a "Thing in a Bag" toy from Miles
Kimball the other day, and a Garfield Panic Mouse from Brylane Home for