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October 25th 05, 04:51 AM
>Do they ever fight over who gets to sit

Rarely. I have 9 cat trees, and many other assorted shelves, beds,
window seats and hidey holes for the kitties so they always have a
variety of places to choose from (and often I'll find several snuggled
together-there are 5 cuddled together in a furry pile next to me as I
type this :-) )

>or is there are hierarchy in the

Not really.


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October 25th 05, 05:16 AM
9 cat trees I thought I was the only one that spoiled my cats Mine have
their own room with 2 great bay windows with platforms so they can all get a
good view with cat trees and shelves and walk ways going up and down
everywhere along with play spots I had the room designed just for them when
I had the house built