View Full Version : Wonderful Vet in Toronto

Cheryl Grossman
October 25th 05, 10:14 AM
Last year I took my Siamese cat for his annual shots. His behaviour was
intolerable (he hissed, spat, scratched, bit, and when we tried to take him
out of the cage he arched his back so we couldn't get him out).
Consequently, he had to be sedated before the shots could be given.

This year, at the same clinic, another Vet saw him, a Dr. K. Ackerman. He
was remarkably gentle with my cat, even asking those outside the room to
hush. Well, *without* gloves, he managed to get my cat out of his cage, do
a physical examination on him, weigh him, and give him his shots. I am
convinced this man has a gift.

Dr. K. Ackerman works at Wychwood Park Animal Hospital, right near Christie
& St. Clair. The number for the clinic is 416-651-4801.