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Rebecca Root
October 27th 05, 01:32 AM
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>>>> Yep. He's bringing you "food" that he caught. It is a gift of
>>>> love. I would generally coo approvingly, thank him, tell him
>>>> what a wonderful hunter he is, and yes, pick up the nouse and
>>>> place it for a moment or two on a night table. You can throw it
>>>> on the floor again 5 minutes later - after the ritual is over.
>>> Then the ritual will be repeated sooner or later, especially if
>>> you praise him!
>>> I think this is one of the cutest things they do.
>> Yes, it's cute as long as it is a fake mouse.
> Kami gave me a cricket, once... on the bed.

Paddy, a cat I had as a little kid, was really into "presentation."
Once she put a dead bird in my dress shoes. Another time we came home
and found a mound of grass on our porch with a dead bird inside. She
had clearly gone back and forth with mouthfuls of grass in order to
prepare a worthy surprise. Of course, she was heaped with thanks and
praise for the honor. It could have been worse. This was the same cat
who spent days every spring eating every June bug in sight, then days
more throwing up from them, and then the rest of the season running
away from them as if they had forced their way down her throat. Next
spring, same drill. I'm glad we never got them as presents.