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No More Retail
October 28th 05, 01:34 AM
How old is the cat
"whezrsfriend" > wrote in message
> Also, would it hurt to use some cat antibiotic eye drops in that eye,
> given previously for infection in other eye?
> whezrsfriend > wrote in news:djrqi4$kck$1
> @sadr.dfn.de:
>> I know there is going to be some moron on this group who will post
> "take
>> it to the vet" AFTER IVE already SAID I CANNOT afford to do that.
>> Besides most vets don't do any better than I do after I've researched
>> the issue.
>> I have a cat who I adopted as a stray who is getting along in years.
> It
>> had a serious infection when I first got it on the side of the head
> and
>> we treated it and it survived with antibiotics. However it lost that
>> eye, which is still there, but blind.
>> The other eye is starting to get cloudy-like a dull milky film. What
>> meds can I order from a vet supply store to treat this eye so as to
>> extend it's life? I hate to see this cat go totally blind and then I
>> will have to put it to sleep I guess or let it suffer. He can still
> see,
>> but probably his vision in the remaining eye is not too good. I'd say
> it
>> is around 10% or more opaque. He still seems to get around ok.
>> Please respond to the question only, I will ignore idiots who start
>> moralizing me about taking the cat to the vet. Vets are outrageous
>> nowadays and many are incompetent, just as regular doctors here in the
>> USA. And then they act like they are doing you a big favor by seeing
>> you. Not all, but many.