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October 28th 05, 11:50 PM
whezrsfriend wrote:
> I know there is going to be some moron on this group who will post "take
> it to the vet" AFTER IVE already SAID I CANNOT afford to do that.
> Besides most vets don't do any better than I do after I've researched
> the issue.
> I have a cat who I adopted as a stray who is getting along in years. It
> had a serious infection when I first got it on the side of the head and
> we treated it and it survived with antibiotics. However it lost that
> eye, which is still there, but blind.
> The other eye is starting to get cloudy-like a dull milky film. What
> meds can I order from a vet supply store to treat this eye so as to
> extend it's life? I hate to see this cat go totally blind and then I
> will have to put it to sleep I guess or let it suffer. He can still see,
> but probably his vision in the remaining eye is not too good. I'd say it
> is around 10% or more opaque. He still seems to get around ok.
> Please respond to the question only, I will ignore idiots who start
> moralizing me about taking the cat to the vet. Vets are outrageous
> nowadays and many are incompetent, just as regular doctors here in the
> USA. And then they act like they are doing you a big favor by seeing
> you. Not all, but many.

Well, poor little cat.

What useful info have you found on other parts of the web?

I did get lucky and found a vet that works out of her home, her prices
are about 1/2 the norm. Haven't actually used her yet, but will soon

I am trying to find a certain stray who was super friendly the night I
cut her a break and let her stay in the house; and I am getting a 7 yr
old tabby, but the tabby has just been to the vet.

Yeah, the cloudy eye says antibiotics, but like unibrow said, you would
definetely need to know the real problem with the eye.

I am certain that wherever you inquire, it will come back the same,
that a proper diagnosis would be needed.

Just wanted to say, good luck in getting the help and info you are

Don't pay squidworth no mind, he's just frustrated because he's not a
real vet.