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October 29th 05, 03:01 PM
>I have no responsiblity to this cat who
>was a stray.

The minute you take the cat in you absolutely do have a responsibility
for him.

>It would have been dead a long time ago
>if not for me.

That doesn't justify your current cruel treatment and neglect of this
poor animal, and now it is suffering and becoming blind because of you.
If you care so little for the welfare of this animal, find it a good
home with someone that is willing to care for it properly.

>I you want to spend your finances on
>cats, go ahead, just don't go around telling
>others they have to follow your edicts.

When you post to usenet, you open the door for opinions and comments. If
you don't like the answers you receive then maybe you should stop asking

>I really think if you have the money you
>have a responsiblity as a cat lover to loan
>me the money.I'm waiting for your phone
>number, or you can just give me your
>address and I come on over.

Sorry, but I have nothing to give you as I just spent a chunk of money
on a stray that was neglected and unspayed:

She's now back to good health and I found her a really wonderful home
with a family that is very responsible and doesn't hesitate to take
their animals to the vet immediately when something is wrong. It's a
travesty that your cat is not so blessed.


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October 29th 05, 06:24 PM
> wrote

> http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=8507601&uid=476350

Wow, she is really beautiful. What a face.