View Full Version : Information needed by Journalist on Animal Hoarding - Please Help!

November 2nd 05, 02:11 PM
Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce myself to the group, as I've
never posted a message on this board before.
I am a free-lance journalist as well as a state Public Health Official.

I cover many, many topics- my primary focus are zoonotic diseases
(diseases passed from animals to people: eg. rabies, Lyme disease, West
Nile virus, etc. I do, however, because of my extensive background
with animals, contribute to a presentation on Hoarding which my
department delivers to a number of different organizations. I have
also had the pleasure(?) of working with Dr. Randy Frost, as he teaches
at one of our area colleges. I worked in animal welfare & rescue for
years, as well as acting as a part time animal control officer and I
been involved with some animal hoarding cases over the years. I am
also a licensed veterinary nurse, and have seen the unfortunate
after-affects of neglect in pets. I've also seen (though only a
handful) of success stories.

I am looking, though, for stories from other people who have been
involved with animal hoarding, or if you are an animal hoarder
yourself, what has been your experience? I'm basically looking for the
what-when-where-and-how of the situation, but elaborate as much as you
would like. At some point in the future, I may be looking to use some
of these stories either in print, or in presentation. I will let you
know, and please, feel free to omit your real name if you choose - but
add a nom de plume of sorts.
You can post your messages here, if that's convenient, or you can email
them to me personally at: if you'd prefer. I
would appreciate any and all help with this!

Please be aware, I don't judge people on what they choose to write.
I understand the clinical as well as the psychological aspects of
hoarding, and pass judgement on no one. If you would like to write to
me for assistance of some sort, that's okay, too.

I've read some of the previous posts which have to do with cat
collecting, and have gotten some wonderful ideas from you guys as
something to pass on as an educational tool when it comes to dealing
with animal hoarding.

Do you need help? I may be able to help, but please tell me your story

as well.

Thank you all in advance for your support and tolerance of my presence
in this group!

~ "Yankee Rose"