View Full Version : Louis the Bengal's unique howling

Brian Link
November 4th 05, 06:29 AM
Sheesh. I've been chasing Louis around the house in an attempt to
record his unique vocalizations. He's like an infant, though, who
refuses to say "momma" when you have your folks on the phone.

Before I get an aneurism over the topic, does anyone have a link to
MP3s with a Bengal shrieking? I've been pursuing his songs as an asset
to this group, but if someone's captured these sounds, then that's one
more thing I can cross off my list.

His songs are unlike anything I've heard in the past with a housecat.
Even with a couple siamese in our menagerie decades ago, I've never
heard these calls. If for no other reason, I'd love to capture then on
my computer in order to slow them down and compare them to wild animal
roars. And I think those of you who've never met a Bengal might find
them quite interesting.

We're still working on his inappropriate urination, but he is a
wonderful and special little friend. We're all so happy he's come to
live with us.

Thanks as always for any info.