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Yankee Rose
November 4th 05, 12:31 PM
I have been a lifelong lover of animals. I don't find it odd that I
fell into the job that I did (Zoonotic disease Research Analyst)
working for the state. I've become involved in a lot of animal
oriented projects at a much higher magnitude, but I remember, and
cherish every year that I spent in animal rescue. And many times it
was a literal rescue - from a treed cat at midnight who's flea collar
had slipped under a forearm and had litterally embedded itself into the

skin and muscle layers, to the feral which had been hit by a car and
was hiding under some parked trailors. I remember it seeming like
hours while I lay belly down in the cold mud, inching forward, and
praying that I wouldn't lose the cat.

I saw the results of animal hoarding in the worst way possible - after
a fire. Trying to rescue those that had a chance, and having a vet
immediately euthanize all the feral cats that were locked in the
basement and suffered smoke inhalation and some burns.

When I speak on animal hoarding, I recount my own experiences, but I
would like to hear from other people who have been through similar
situations. As a public health official, and a member of a Hoarding
Task Force which has brought agencies and organizations together so
that they may work together in times of crisis, animal hoarding or not.

I have worked with Dr. Randy Frost, and am on the Task Force with him,
but don't honestly believe that he knows as much about animal hoarding
as the papers that he's published report. I hope to add to this
deficit of first hand knowledge which he has, and which I or we have
experienced first hand.