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Denise Strothers
November 14th 05, 10:29 PM
Since the "fat-free craze" began, statistics show we have grown fatter and fatter.

Just because a food is fat-free doesn't mean it's calorie-free. Get up to speed on "good fats" and lose the fat from your body, not your diet.

Today, supermarket shelves are packed with foods that call to dieters with the words "FAT-FREE." But as conscientious weight watchers load up their shopping carts with fat-free foods week after week, many discover this alarming fact: their weight is going up!

Getting fat on fat-free
Since the beginning of the "fat-free craze," statistics show Americans have grown fatter and fatter. Although we've been taught to think of fat as the culprit in the weight-loss battle, clearly this is only part of the whole diet picture. Just because a food is fat-free doesn't mean it's calorie-free. Many fat-free foods are actually very high in sugar and carbohydrate calories. And these calories, when eaten in excess, become converted into the one thing we've been taught to avoid-fat!

Lose the fat from your body, not your diet
Ironically, in order to burn fat and lose weight you need a certain amount of good quality fat. That's why the ShapeWorks Weight-Management Program stresses the importance of a well-balanced diet that includes enough "good fats," such as those found in fish and olive oil, together with Herbalife's highly nutritious meal replacement shakes and snacks.

By avoiding the fat-free craze and giving your body the complete nourishment it needs with Herbalife's Cellular Nutrition® supplements and weight-management products, you'll lose weight steadily and feel healthier as you do.

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