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November 17th 05, 04:14 AM
sorry to 'ping' but while you're here i may as well ask. jasmine had an
escape a couple of days after the kittens were born, she's just too quick
sometimes! Anyway she was out for a few hours, when she got back she was
fine. but a few days later she had scratched the fur away from a patch on
her cheek, and it was swollen, with scratch marks and scabs. I put some
antiseptic cream on it, and thought I would watch it for a few days, as it
wasn't weeping or scaly and there were no large cuts. Now a week and a half
later, the cuts have nearly healed over, the skin is looking more normal and
the swelling has gone. none of the kittens have any problem, and none of us
do either, so I am mystified. However my sister is a vet tech and she has
suggested that it sounds like she was bitten by another cat and it became
infected. does this sound possible to you? she told me it was fairly common,
and as i got antiseptic onto it and would have taken her in to the vet if
the swelling didn't subside i did the right thing. she didn't scratch all
the hair off, just some, and it is very hot and humid here. thanks in
advance. apart from this one occasion she hasn't been in contact with any
other animals besides occasionally seeing our dogs and from us for at least
6 to 7 weeks. the dogs are yarded with neighbours dogs either side, and
neither have anything like that.

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