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Joe Canuck
November 20th 05, 02:06 PM
Brandy Alexandre > wrote:

> We had a cold snap and I ordered a 1/2 cord of firewood and had a
> couple of fires. It's official: Kami is spoiled. I got up this
> morning and she promptly went to the fireplace and sat in front of it
> gazing into the cool blackness. then she looked at me as if to say,
> "Well? Light'er up!" Of course I did...

Yet another in the series of "I really do care for my cat." posts from
Brandy as she attempts to establish a new track record and rehabilitate
her reputation.

However, it does say something when she posts about it on here
considering Brandy has suggested herself that she comes here so she
doesn't take it out on Kami.

"Cool Blackness" is an apt description for Brandy's heart. :-D