View Full Version : Awww! ooops

November 26th 05, 05:17 AM
I meant to post this over here.

I went out to feed me ghetto cats
they come scrambling out the building...
little thud sounds whirling past my feet

The ground is starting to freeze so I put an electric heater out there.
this should hold them for a few more weeks till it really dips down.
plus a little more insulation. I gave them a new comforter, plus the
other things they already have.

Poor little things, when I was leaving, I whistled for them
to come and eat, I seen them hankered down under the
bushes watching me. I pretended not to see them.

One gray and white cat has no tail to speak of...looks like
it got hung in something and ripped off, but it's healed.
A little dark gray one, long and sleek, low to the ground.
Another dark tabby HELL everything looked dark out
there tonight! lol

It just warms my heart to help them. They are training me
just fine. I bet I pet them before it's over with.