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December 1st 05, 08:51 AM
One of my neighbours, perhaps not the most approachable one, acquired
this summer , a beautiful black longish haired female cat. She is
adorable, affectionate and very spirited. Winter seems to have come
early in the UK. The cat seems outside at all times of day, from
early morning to late at might. often very late. She wears a little
red collar and although is a very small cat, I am not sure I could
regard her as malnourshed, but she certainly isnt fat.

But I "rescued" another cat last year from ANOTHER neighbour after she
moved to the next street and wouldn't take to his new home, just kept
coming back. He is a nervous cat

As its winter and often cold,. or wet and cold, I wouild like to help
the little visitor. I have fed her and given her affection. And
my cat ( a large neutered male tomcat, 3 times her size) just
won;t stay around if she walks in the door. It takes some
coaxing, or even capturing, to get him back in if she is anywhere

I fear I am making a rod for my own back, but I my conscience pricks
me about this visitor.
Even an approach to the neighbour is lilkely to lead to some real
unpleasantness, and if anyone else later complains to the RSPCA, I
will be suspected, and likely there would be some revenge. I have a
rep[utation for intervening, because I forced another neighbour to let
me take his flea infested flea allergic, cat (also with excma) to
the vet.

Will I experience real problems with my cat if I allow the other
cat to spend some time with me by day ? I feel sorry for him
too, This is his home and he has an unsettled start to his life and
has calmed down a lot since I took him on.

PS I have the idea that people just vtake on the cutie kitten,
and then realise actually it wants company, wants play, needs to be
factored into your life, and all of a sudden the idea becomes less
attractive, so just put it out, shut the door, and open it when you
can be bothered. The cat comes in exhausted after a day in he cold,
and sleeps until it it put outside again. I would say every cat
should be microchipped, and a database of owners and cats should be
maintained, One of the most intelligent animals is treated as if was
braineless and armor plated.

December 1st 05, 02:02 PM
I'd pinch puss if badly done too, and find little love another home in a
different area. but I'm a bit naughty when it comes to keeping cats safe...

December 1st 05, 05:25 PM
If I were you, and I felt 100% sure the cat was being neglected, I would
definitely start feeding it and giving it shelter. You cannot just take the
cat however as it could be reported as theft and unless you plan to keep it
as an indoor only cat, it may well go back to the neighbours anyway. It may
also be microchipped. Any accusation of theft could be countered with you
accusing them of neglect if you can prove it is being shut out for long
periods without food. Get some evidence by photographing the cat before you
start feeding and sheltering it.

Your other cat will come to accept the new cat in time, and there are others
here who will advise on the best way to help them both accept each other.
But at the moment it seems the stray needs you more. I'm in the UK - I know
how awful the weather has been lately. If you cannot take the cat in. it may
be worth getting advice from the Cats Protection League (not the RSPCA as
they will just trap it and if it is not rehomed, destroy it. That's if you
can even get through on the phone).

Cats choose us remember - and sometimes out of necessity. So keep feeding it
and offering it shelter, 'forget' to let it back out at night, and it may
choose to stay. If the neighbour takes it back - they may be inclined to
keep it in to stop it coming to you.

Which kind of achieves what the cats needs at the moment anyway.