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J. Martin
December 3rd 05, 10:15 PM
"Nomen Nescio" ]> wrote in message
> The Confusing:
> TK's regular vet found that the murmur had almost
> disappeared back in August. Now it's up to a 4 - 6.
> The explanation that I was given at Tufts was that
> if the stethoscope isn't in just the right position, then
> it's hard to hear the murmur. This was the same vet
> that originally found the murmur and referred us to
> Tufts, so I find it difficult to believe that that she missed
> it in August (especially since she went for the electronic
> stethoscope after she couldn't hear the murmur at all
> with the regular stethoscope).
> TK was very upset at Tufts and his heart felt like it
> was going to explode as I held him....that may account
> for a more severe murmur. But to go from near 0 in
> August to 4 - 6 in November just does NOT sit right with
> me. I can't help thinking that there may be some unknown
> factor in play, here.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the change in the murmur. In some cats
heart murmurs can be significantly louder at higher heart rates and can
disappear at lower heart rates.

> The other thing that concerns me is the way he's shed
> weight so quickly. According to the scale at Tufts,he
> lost 4 lbs in 3 1/2 months (our measurement puts it closer
> to 3 lbs). That's quite a loss for a cat that gets 3 cans
> of Fancy Feast and about 10 gms of Hills m/d (dry)
> each day.

It certainly wouldn't hurt to have your regular vet run a blood profile
including thyroid levels and a urinalysis to investigate other causes of
weight loss. Remember the vet you are seeing at TUFTs is a cardiologist and
may know less about other disease processes than your regular vet.


> Anyway, I can't put my finger on it, but something just
> doesn't "feel" right, here. I can't help thinking that there's
> something going on that everyone is missing.
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