View Full Version : MS Sufferer Must Give up Cats Soon

December 7th 05, 04:18 PM
Please give my kittys a loving home for the holidays.

I have multiple slerosis and severe back pain which is becoming worse
and incapacitating me. I can no longer care for my adult cats and pray
I can find them homes before they have to go to the shelter..

Leoni - a scrappy and cute female - a classic tabby

Indy and Cosmo - father and son. Indy is mostly black, with a white
neck collar, and strong but loving. Cosmo is two-tone beige, and is

Vic - very dark gray, very friendly and intelligent.

All are litter trained and used to dogs.

My name is Judy and I live in Monson, MA, near the Conn. border.

You can call me at 413.267.3606

I'm too ill to get to the computer much to read email, especially with
all the spam, so a phone call would be preferable to email, although i
will try to read as much as I can.