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December 10th 05, 01:02 PM
"Andy Social" > wrote in message
> We'll be going away for Christmas for 3 days and have to leave our 3
> cats at home. When we've been away before, we'd just leave enough food
> down to last them a couple of days. But with our new 8 month old
> kitten she just eats everything in sight.
> Any ideas for feeding them during this period?
> I'm also worried about our kitten while we're away. She's only just
> started going out and using the cat flap about 2 days ago and we shut
> it off when it gets dark and keep her inside. Do you think she'll be
> okay and still be there when we return?
> Thanks for any advice.
> A

If at all possible get a friend or neighbor to come in at least once a day
to check on them. You could buy one of the timed feeders so the pet sitter
could feed them once and set the feeder for the second feeding of the day.