View Full Version : Re: Tips for a long drive with cat?

December 12th 05, 02:18 AM
take he cat carrier leave it out for him to get used to in a day or two
put his food in the cat carrier so he trust the cat carrier. Take him for
a drive a couple of times if you have time. Get him used to the idea ok we
go in car it ok. Make sure you have his favorite treats for him and give
him lots of love. If you got a big vehicle rent or buy a large dog cage
and put a littler box in it so he has room to maneuver you don't want a
furball wandering all over the car

"jules" > wrote in message
> Next weekend Fluffy and I are going to be driving from Portland, OR to
> San Francisco. I'm guessing he's not going to be pleased about this as
> he cries and cries every time I drive him to the vet.
> I'd appreciate any tips or tricks you can share about making this as
> easy as possible for both of us.