View Full Version : Re: Tips for a long drive with cat?

Phil P.
December 12th 05, 05:36 PM
"jules" > wrote in message
> Next weekend Fluffy and I are going to be driving from Portland, OR to
> San Francisco. I'm guessing he's not going to be pleased about this as
> he cries and cries every time I drive him to the vet.
> I'd appreciate any tips or tricks you can share about making this as
> easy as possible for both of us.

Try to make as few stops as possible. Every time you stop and start its
like another trip. Also, try to face the front of the carrier away from the
window so the cat can't see the background whizzing by- cats find the motion
unsettling, so, the less they see, the better. You also might want to spray
the carrier with Feliway an hour or two before you begin the trip- might
help to calm him down a bit.