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Cat Protector
December 13th 05, 07:19 PM
As many of you know, Cat Galaxy is moving from Live365 (after being with
them for over 4 years) to a new host provider for our station's Internet
radio stream. We are carefully testing out our audio equipment and software
before we do so, but we expect to have everything completed by mid January

What this means to our listeners will be better sounding audio as we intend
on moving from 64k CD quality stereo to 128 CD quality. The address for the
stream will be different but our listeners will not have to sign up in order
to listen to the station. Cat Galaxy's Web Site, Podcasts, and Internet TV
will not be affected by the move and will still be accessible.

For those interested in advertising or sponsoring our station please feel
free to contact us at via email at . We are
now signing up those interested in these areas. Those who decide to
advertise on or sponsor our station will have the benefit to having their
business or organization exposed to a wide audience not just locally to the
Phoenix area but worldwide as well. There is also a benefit to name
recognition as Cat Galaxy is an award winning station (winner of Live365's
Best Freeform Station Award for 2005) as well as a name known in the feline

I hope many of you will enjoy the new sound of the station when we have
completed everything. The station will also be a pro station which means
instead of an autoplay, the station will be live 24/7 but we are looking
into providers which will allow us to have an autoplay because there are
times we will need to take breaks or the feed might go down. The station's
format will stay the same as we will continue to broadcast to a feline
audience but there are humans tuning is as well.

Thanks to all of you who supported our station while were on Live365 but
this move will definitely improve things and give us more freedom to move
around. After all, cats are independent creatures by nature so we hope
you'll join us at the new location on net. Meow!

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