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December 14th 05, 03:19 AM
Brandy Alexandre wrote:

> jules > wrote in rec.pets.cats.health+behav:
>>Next weekend Fluffy and I are going to be driving from Portland,
>>OR to San Francisco. I'm guessing he's not going to be pleased
>>about this as he cries and cries every time I drive him to the
>>I'd appreciate any tips or tricks you can share about making this
>>as easy as possible for both of us.
> Kami squawks all the way to the vet, too, but after two two-day, 10-
> hour each interstate car trips, I found that as long as she was
> positioned so she could see out, she shut up after about an hour...
> Then, periodically, she asked for water or the litter box. She was
> amazingly good, thank god and bless her heart.

And with this post Brandy quietly slips away from the "My cat like
lasagna" threat where her basic math and reasoning skills have been once
again put to the test... and have once again failed.

I will concede this point to Brandy... she is a consistent failure.


December 14th 05, 03:32 AM
Joe.Canuck, wrote:

> 8-)

you ass! you ever wonder why you can't get no good pussy

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