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December 19th 05, 01:27 PM
my little man cat has a limp
I had a 'good' look around his pads/ foot/claws/ leg /shoulder, He started
limping Friday night and I thought it would get better. I took him to vet
first thing today. Vet did what I did, he looked at the pads moved his leg
around a bit, flexed the joints, , Mozzy shows no distress, at all. Until
the thermometer went up hiss! bum. his only symptoms are a limp, then vet
said its an infection, and said he will need medication, I asked if he had
found an lump or abscess 'because I had a good look and hadn't found any
lumps' he said not any visible ones but I 'think' he has an infection??? he
injected him with pain killers/antibiotics and prescribed tablet antibiotics
2 a day for a week. It cost 50.
I told the vet I thought he had strained it jumping from the shed roof and I
wanted an examination and if nothing obvious was found, maybe then an xray
to see if he had cracked a bone, he ignored me, said he has probably had a
fight. there are no signs of punctures. Oh well I've spent the cash now so
we will have to stick with his decision...

Any opinions? or ideas how much would an xray cost?

December 19th 05, 05:58 PM
I think your cat has been meowing to my Phoenix! Earlier in the year, he had
similar trouble, only his leg really swelled up. No injury could be found by
vet. They came to conclusion he had been stung by wasp! He had antibiotics,
painkilling jab and we got bill of about 60.
A couple of weeks ago Phoenix started limping, no swelling. Vet conclusion
after x ray was that he had ruptured the ligament over his knee joint. Xray,
pain killing jab, and antibiotics cost 163. Where they would operate with
a dog, cats usually apparently recover more or less with rest. Phoenix is
getting better, still limping, but we are told he may limp for several
months. He has recovered enough that he starts chases with his housemate
Memphis (who is twice his weight!

How he got this injury we have no idea. It usually happens through landing
badly, and is more common in heavy cats (which Phoenix is not).

I hope this is of some use to you,


Sharon Talbert
December 19th 05, 10:23 PM
I would go with rest and the antibiotics for a few days and see what
happens. A high fever can cause a cat to go lame, just from the aching
associated with it. Young kittens sometimes develop "lame kitten
syndrome," which responds very quickly to antibiotics. Even if your
Little Man is no longer a kitten, a high fever would probably have the
same effect on him.

Just my opinion, though; I'm no vet, just a scruffy rescuer with an
excellent and conservative vet. I hope he is better soon.

Sharon Talbert
Friends of Campus Cats

December 19th 05, 11:32 PM
Thanks for the advice, I am to start administering 2 a day antibiotics
tomorrow, 'that should be fun' I have to call the vet if he gets worse so
that's it I suppose. it does worry one so when they get ill. He came here as
a stray 2 years ago, He just moved in one rainy night, I put ads in the
local shops. No one claimed him, so I got him chipped and vaccinated. He
hates fuss, and I am really more concerned by this limp than him, proper
little hard nut he is! Thanks again, seasons greetings, who ever you